It’s difficult to keep our eyes on the important things when there are so many things to do.
This is why productivity has become a whole industry. People are constantly looking for ways to make work easier.
Some of these strategies require a lifestyle change, which can be time-consuming. However, simple but effective hacks can help you increase your productivity.
Here are 10 hacks I have compiled to help you improve your focus, manage your time efficiently, and get the job done.
Hack #1: Clear your mind of all the things that you don’t need today.
Paul A. Kipp, software developer and software engineer, says, “From David Allen’s Getting Things Done, I learned that my brain was for processing, not storage.”
Hack #2: Warren Buffet’s 2-List System
Warren Buffet is not only one of the richest men in the world. He is also known for his 2-list system. This involves listing down the top 25 goals or tasks you want to accomplish, and then segregating them into two lists by circle the top five most important to you. The rest are your “Avoid At-All-Costs” tasks.
This system is about prioritizing and focusing on the important.
Hack #3: Get “busywork”
“Busywork” can be described as an activity that is meant to keep you busy and pass the time. This could be organizing your workspace, sorting your email, or cleaning out your contacts.
Although it may seem like a time-waster busywork can be a great way activate productive pauses when you feel stuck or lost in a project or task.
Hack #4: Start your day by “eating that Frog”.
Many CEOs, founders of startups, and productivity experts swear to the “eat the fog” concept. It is a quirky way to say, “Do the most difficult, unattractive task on the list first.”
We feel more motivated and happier when we can complete the difficult task.
Hack #5: Install a “Do Not disturb” sign.
You know the frustration of working from home.
Family and friends are important to you, but they need to know that you cannot always be there for them, despite the fact you work from home.
After explaining the situation to them, put up a “Do Not disturb” sign at your door.
Hack #6: Reserve one day per week for passion work
Google found that employees are more productive, motivated, creatively inspired, and have a higher productivity rate after giving them 20% of their work hours to explore and do side projects.
The same principle can be applied by setting aside an hour each day or a full day each week for passion work that may or not be related to your business or job.
Hack #7: Disable all notifications
Notifications are a major source of distraction for people who live with technology. Worse, it takes approximately 25 minutes for you to get back to work after being distracted.
Before you start working, turn these sources off. It is possible to make a big difference by turning off your mobile phone, or disabling notifications from your computer or browser.
Hack #8: Create a “NO” List.
Put it on the list for every request or task you say no to.
As the list grows, you will see that you have saved tons of energy and time that can be used to do the work that is most important to you. It can be a great motivator when you are overwhelmed with so many tasks.
Hack #9: Create a “DONE!” list.

Hack #10: Only focus on one task at a given time.
Multitasking can also be detrimental to productivity. Multitasking can cause your attention to be divided and your mind to switch from task-to-task, which can lead you to not being able accomplish anything efficiently.
Instead of trying to manage multiple tasks, focus on one task at a given time until your to-do list is complete.