Emad Adel recently passed his PMP certification exam. Emad shared his PMP study tips and did a PMP review. Learn how to pass the PMP Exam within 30 days by reading Emad’s PMP Study Story.
1-How long did it take to prepare for the PMP certification exam.
To prepare for the actual exam, it took me 30 days of hard work. I completed online PMP training and followed all lectures. I took notes during PMP study. I reread my notes often to recall the topics I had studied.
2-What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the PMP certification exam.
My greatest struggle was time. I work two weeks on and two weeks off each month. I work in an oil field that is far from my home. I also spend two weeks away from home each month. My work location required me to study for 4-5 hours per day. It was difficult to do, I was exhausted at the end of each day, but I had to follow my schedule. My family supported me in studying for around 8-10 hours per day while I was on vacation. We are very grateful to them.
3-How did the quality of PMP certification training material compare to other materials?
This is actually my first attempt to apply online for a course. It was hard to know if it would help me.
First, I quickly reviewed the materials and I also checked out many questions on other websites. The powerpoint presentations provided the right answers and I was able to see them. These will make it easy for anyone to quickly and easily collect the data they need. Here is a quick review of the PMP course materials.
4-How similar were the questions on real PMP certification exams when you looked at them?
Although questions from different sources may have different statements, the ideas are the exact same. Master of Project Academy PMP Questions and Answers have many and varied ideas. The main goal from PMP questions is to get the minds into PMP’s thinking. It helped me a lot to think about how I solved the real exam.
5-How many PMP certification exam question did you practice before taking the exam?
It was a good idea to test my knowledge after each tutorial in Master of Project Academy PMP training. I answered around 4,000 questions, including Master of Project Academy PMP question.

6-How was the support received during the PMP certification training?
This is my way of saying thank you to Emily, Resit, and all those who worked on this website, and especially the PMP training. The training and the materials were very clear and helpful. I rarely had to ask for help, but I received it quickly.
7-Does anyone have any suggestions for future PMP exam candidates?
My PMP study review concludes that PMBOK is the best guide. Master of Project Academy is your first support. Focus on your goals and keep your mind clear. Your high focusing power should be used sparingly.
You should try different sources of questions; don’t rely only on one.
Keep an eye out for your weak points and keep them in mind.
Once you have completed the previous points, trust in yourself will allow you to be ready for the real exam.
8-Does anyone have any tips or tricks for the PMP certification exam?
As I mentioned, time is the most difficult part of my preparation. However, the biggest struggle for me in the actual exam was also time. The real exam was stressful and put under extreme pressure. It was extremely tight. My PMP study review has me recommending that you practice the 4-hour exam at home. It will help build confidence in yourself, which will make it easier to relax during the actual exam.
9-What would you recommend to a friend who is interested in PMP certification?