Joe Davis passed the PMP exam after only 2 months of study. We had the opportunity to interview Joe. Here are his tips and tricks to pass the PMP exam.
1-Congratulations for your PMP success! How long did it take to study for the PMP exam.
The most intense part of my study was the last 4 weeks. I studied for 2 and a half months. It is impossible to cover all the material for the exam in one go, especially if you want it to be retained after the exam has ended.
2-What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the PMP exam?
Finding a quiet space to study and focus was my biggest challenge. Ironically, Master of Project’s PMP Training course is online across devices so I was able simply to pick up and move on to the next coffee shop or table at the library.
3-How did the quality of PMP training materials compare to other training materials?
The class is of high quality and presented in an ideal format. You can watch as many lectures as you like, or as few as you need. If you don’t understand something, you can pause and rewind the lecture. This was my first online class experience. I wish I had the “pause, replayā€¯ option when I was taking advanced college classes.
4-How similar were the PMP exam questions when you looked at them?
Review questions at the end each lecture are great for strengthening the concepts. The PMP sample exam questions at the end were as challenging as those I encountered on the actual exam.
5-How many PMP exam questions have you practiced before taking the exam?
I answered over a thousand PMP question and answer questions, and I made sure to complete them in a timed environment as the test approached. I needed to increase my test taking endurance as you need to answer 50 questions per hour.

6-How was the support received during the PMP training?
I had a few questions/comments during the course, but they were quickly answered. I have nothing but positive things to say about Master of Project Academy support.
7-Does anyone have any suggestions for future PMP candidates?
First, you must make a commitment to your studies and create a study plan. This is like a project! You should set a time and review milestones. Don’t expect to know everything at the end. It is best to study slowly and steadily, and to practice many questions for the exam in the week prior.
8-Does anyone have any PMP success tips?
Stress is normal. It’s ok! It’s okay to do your best and mark the rest. You will get some confidence building, easy-to-answer questions that will help guide you. You can drive to the venue several days in advance at the same time of the day to get an idea of traffic.
9-If you could give 3 tips to a close friend about PMP certification, which would they recommend as part your PMP success tips.
Take the online Master of Project class two times. The second time, cross-reference the lectures with the PMBOK’s input, output, and technical diagrams. Third, ask lots of questions to increase your confidence and stamina.
10-How likely is it that Master of Project Academy would be recommended to a friend, colleague, or coworker?
Master of Project Academy is a great choice. I scored above target in all five domains, and I’m excited for the next stage in my career development.
Pro PMP Success Tip
Do not fill out the PMP Application until you have mastered the PMBOK. Before I submitted my application, I waited until after I had completed the entire Master of Project Academy certification course. To demonstrate your experience, it is important to use the PMI/PMBOK “terms-of-the trade” (stakeholder involvement, procurement management, high risk, etc.) in the right context.