Before you sit for the PMP exam, make sure you have seen as many PMP sample questions and PMP test questions as possible. PMP sample exams will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. After taking a PMP sample test, take down your answers and any mistakes. To ensure you are better informed, go over the topics you didn’t understand.
You should ensure that you use the most current PMP sample tests when searching for PMP test questions online. There are many PMP sample exams and resources available. You can search for PMP practice exams to find many resources. Many of these resources are outdated or offer misleading answers. Be careful when selecting your PMP test resources.
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PMP Sample Exam – 10 PMP Question and Answers
We have prepared a PMP exam with more than 10 sample PMP questions. These questions are similar to the PMP test and the distribution of questions is based on the most recent PMBOK. Take this PMP sample test and then write down your answers. After you have completed the PMP test, review the answers and reasoning for each question.
Questions #1 for PMP Test
The results of the quality testing for the new software integration project showed performance variance from the Quality management plan. The project manager requested that the quality team investigate the root cause of the variance to help get the project back on track. What kind of action did the project manger request?
A. Corrective Action
b. Preventive action
c. Defect Repair
d. All of the preceding
#2 PMP Test Questions
Two members of the project team disagreed on whether to include a test in the testing scenarios for the new product during the kickoff meeting. As the project manager, you should:
a. Add the following scenario
b. Reject the addition of the new test
c. Put off the discussion until later
d. Ask each of them to explain his reasoning.
Questions for the PMP Test #3
As the project sponsor approved one project manager resource, “Project coordinator”, to be added to your team, you were assigned to a project with high-volume duties. Which of the following tasks would you assign to him in order to reduce your workload?
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add on the safe senders list to ensure you receive our emails. a. Engage diverse teams and align their efforts
b. Assist in the supervision of different work streams and realign any non-track work stream
c. Oversee risk management activities for project risks
d. Maintain and develop business documents
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Questions for the PMP Test #4
Company XYZ decided that your 8-month project would be terminated during the third month. This was due to budget cuts. What should you do as the project manager?
a. You can convince the management to reconsider their decision
b. Ask the management to judge the project as successful based on the current rate of performance.
c. Do nothing, since the management decision has been made
d. Transfer the completed and unfinished deliverables of concern parties
PMP Test Questions #5
Project X is a project for new product development that has been running for nearly 6 months. You were assigned to the project to replace the former project manager. However, the project team has been telling you that despite the rigorous change control process, there is still some work to do.