Many products today offer excellent IDM solutions for business applications. Sailpoint IdentityIQ stands out due to its unique approach or the way it provides Identity Management Solutions.

Consider two 5-star hotels with identical prices. The first hotel requires you to rely on the management for small tasks like turning on the fan or switching on the geyser. In the second hotel, you can do everything yourself and not need to rely on the technical staff. Which one would you prefer? The second one is my favorite.
As in the previous example, IDM solutions have been built so that users depend on the IT technical support team. Sailpoint IdentityIQ, on the other hand, focuses more on shifting the Identity/access process to the users. This reduces the dependency on the technical staff. The best part about Sailpoint IdentityIQ is that it has a single-use interface. This means that you don’t have to use or go through multiple interfaces for different contexts.
The common question is “Why is Sailpoint IdentityIQ so popular?” Sailpoint IdentityIQ is a unique IDM solution that addresses all requirements related to Identity and Access Management. It combines compliance and provisioning features into one solution.
Sailpoint IdentityIQ’s components play a greater role in its popularity. They are:
Sailpoint IdentityIQ components:
The Sailpoint IdentityIQ is just like a spider. It also has four legs (components), without which it cannot function properly.
Compliance Manager
Lifecycle Manager
Governance Platform
User Provisioning
1. Compliance Manager: The IdentityIQ Compliance Manager automates auditing reports and access certification. Policy management is also automated. Compliance Manager prevents violations of corporate policies.
2. Lifecycle Manager: Lifecycle manager makes it easy for users to request access and passwords from a central and user-friendly interface. Although users can request access and receive it, Lifecycle Manager ensures that they only have the right access levels for their job.
3. Governance Platform: The governance platform is a foundation for building strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) within an organization. It creates a unique framework that centralizes identity information, role models, captures policies of organizations, and uses a proactive, risk-based approach to managing resources and users.
4. User Provisioning: This is the process of granting, modifying, or removing access to applications, databases, or systems based on a unique user ID. User provisioning is a way to speed up the provisioning of access changes. It provides auditors with detailed documentation on changes. It improves compliance by implementing modifications in accordance with defined policies.

Sailpoint IdentityIQ1: Advantages Reduce Risk: Users will automatically gain access to the IdentityIQ’s systems, folders and applications. However, security concerns such as what happens if an unauthorized person gains access, are not a concern. Relax! Sailpoint identityIQ continuously monitors the access levels granted to its users. It also ensures that only authorized users have access to the right resources for the correct reasons.
2. Reduce IT helpdesk costs and burden: Users of sailpoint will be able to request access for themselves, which will reduce the IT technical staff’s workload. IT administrators have the primary responsibility of limiting the access that business users can request.
3. Integration of PAM (Privileged Access Management). The IdentityIQ PAM Module blends with existing PAM solutions to increase security and reduce risks. This gives total visibility and consissibility.