AZ-220 Microsoft Certified IoT Developer Specialty Certification is designed to assist IoT developers who work in the cloud or Azure developers who are working towards IoT. To become Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty certified, you must pass the AZ-220 exam.
Exam Objectives AZ-220
Establish the IoT solution infrastructure (between 10 and 15%)

Provision and management of devices (15-20%)

Implement IoT Edge (15-20%)

Implement business integration (5-10%)

Data management (15-20%)

Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize IoT solutions (15-20%)

Implement security (10-15%)

Preparation Resources for Microsoft Azure Developer AZ-220 Exam
There are no formal requirements for taking the AZ-220 exam. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of Azure IaaS, PaaS services in order to prepare for the exam and ensure your success. If you feel you don’t have sufficient knowledge in the relevant fields, you can take the following exams as an applicant for the AZ-220 exam. First, AZ-901: Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Exam which validates candidates’ knowledge of the Microsoft Azure cloud. Exam AZ-203 is Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate. This certifies that you can create software solutions using Microsoft Azure services. These two exams will strengthen your knowledge and allow you to follow the concepts in the AZ-220 Exam.
Other Study Resources for AZ-220 Certification Exam Preparation
Many online exam preparation resources are available at affordable prices. They are far cheaper than the Microsoft ones. These online sources provide concise and clear study material. The Microsoft AZ-220 Exam Guide is the ultimate source of learning, with authentic information. Study Guide provides deep insight into the concepts and illustrates them. You will find practice questions in the study guide, which will make it easier to grasp the topics.
Another amazing tool to help you prepare for your exam is the Microsoft AZ-220 practice exam. has the best practice tests. The AZ-220 practice exams are time-bound and provide a quick way to learn the most important AZ-220 topics. It is important to review the syllabus and identify your weaknesses, so that you can better grasp exam topics. AZ-220 Practice Exams are ideal for this purpose. These practice tests simulate the actual exam structure. They will help you to feel confident about taking the exam and passing it.
Why Go For Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Certification?
There are many research areas and platforms to consider when looking for a specialized job or improving your skills, but Microsoft is the most prominent.
Microsoft certifications provide current and future organizations with the essential technical skills they require. Microsoft approves the knowledge of applicants who have mastered certain tools and applications.
Microsoft Certified Professionals have access to certain benefits. Here are a few of the benefits that Microsoft Certified Professionals can enjoy.
Microsoft Certified professionals are more likely to be hired by organizations quickly.

They are more responsible and have more career opportunities.

Aside from their deeper knowledge and expertise in technologies, they are able to communicate time savings and higher efficiency.

A Microsoft-certified professional can earn around USD 80,000 per year on average.

The End
Azure IoT developers who want to pass the AZ-220 exam have never had so many resources to help them in their preparation phase.
Azure IoT platform offers the most functional platform for IoT Developers. The wide range of services, learning resources, and community are unparalleled.