Amazon Web Services will now include one additional certification exam in its existing AWS certification list. Two of the existing AWS certification exams will also be modified. It would be valuable to gain an understanding of the changes that were made, given the importance and relevance of AWS certification exams.
Three changes have been made in particular. AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty, one of the existing AWS certification exams has been renamed. The particular certification exam will also include some other updates. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam has been updated. A new AWS certification exam has been introduced, the AWS Certified Database Specialty Certification.
AWS Certified Database – Specialty Certification
The name of the certification can be used to identify that it is for those who work with AWS databases. Candidates must have at least five years of experience in database technologies work. The certification exam will evaluate a variety of skills and abilities. All related AWS services will also be included.
Candidates must have knowledge in areas such as security, design, migrations, troubleshooting and access, maintenance, and deployment. Amazon RDS, Database Migration Service and Timestream are the relevant AWS Services.
The certification exam will validate the candidate’s ability to recognize and distinguish AWS Database services, and their use in the implementation and architecture database solutions according to requirements. The beta version of the newly added certification exam will be available between November 25 and January 10. The certification will be available in general by April 2020. The exam will be similar to other AWS certification exams. One can review the content by navigating through the domains and their weight.

26%) Workload-specific Database Design
Deployment & Migration (20%)
Management and Operations (18%)
Monitoring and Troubleshooting (18%)
Database Security (18%)
Updated AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certificate
Updates to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification exam are possible. The beta version of the new exam model will be available between 4 and 29 November 2019. The final updated version is expected to be available in March 2020.
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam would still be relevant to current professional Solution architects who are familiarized with the implementation, security and architecture of certain solutions. This certification would validate for AWS use.
The exam’s criteria and specificities would be changed by the changes. The exam parameters would be changed in order to qualify for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. Candidates can still register for the current version of the certification exam until it is replaced by the new version in March 2020.
These changes could be observed
The five domains that were previously mentioned would now be reduced down to four domains. The last domain, which concerns architectures that are operationally efficient, would be eliminated entirely.
The domain that dealt in designing resilient architecture would now be 30% heavier than 34%.
The second domain would evaluate high-performing architectures and would weigh 28%.
Instead of specifying, the design of secure applications and architectures would be evaluated. It would weigh 24%
Domain 4, which concerns the design of cost-optimized architecture, would now weigh 18% rather than the previous 10%. This would also be the last domain in the exam.
The Domain 1 assessment points would be retained in the new exam as they are in the current version.
Domain 2 would see the most changes, whether it be the points of elasticity or scaleability or the omission or application of caching in the improvement performance. It is also necessary to understand how to use high-performing networking solutions.
Instead of just knowing the VPC definitions for AWS resources, Domain 3 would require an understanding of secure access.
Domain 4’s assessment points are mostly preserved, however, it would now include the design and implementation of an optimized-cost network architecture.
Updated AWS Certified Data Analytics-Specialty
This AWS certification will be known as the updated Big Data – Specialty certification exam.
This renamed certification, which is similar to the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate certification exam would also be subjected to certain updates that would be of utmost significance to those who seek it.
The beta version of the revised certification test is expected to be available from December 2 through January 10, 2019.
The certification exam will be available generally starting March 2020, after which the current version won’t exist.
This certification’s name change results in changes that keep recurring in big data and data analytics in general. AWS claimed that the new name reflected better the meaning of the work it addresses and incorporates. In the revised version, the certification exam would evaluate the design, security, building, and maintenance of analytics solutions. Candidats will be required to: