Because of its steep learning curve, the PMP(r), exam can cause havoc and push people to their limits mentally and physically.
Not all is lost. Like any other exam, this one can be passed with a little planning, dedication, hard work, and a little bit of luck.
Although the Best PMP(r), Exam Prep Books and Courses make it easier, you still need to prepare for your exam.
Examspm is here to help. This article will cover the most important tips to help you pass that exam. We will also provide valuable information about how to prepare for the actual test.
You will be less intimidated, more educated, and more confident at the end of it all!
Is it still worth getting a PMP(r), Certification?
This is an important question that many people continue to ask. The decision to take the PMP(r), certification exam can be driven by whether or not the certification is worthwhile.
First, it is important to realize that today’s job market has never been more competitive. This means you could really benefit from any “extra” push that is offered to you.
This is especially true for project managers. The first step to becoming a great project manager is to be recognized by others for your credibility.
A PMP(r), certification will put you on the map and help you climb the ladder of success faster than your peers. We have highlighted the many benefits of the PMP(r), which make it well worth the investment.
Wide acceptance
The certification is almost universally accepted, meaning that it can be used to your advantage at any time and anywhere.
The PMP(r), which is widely accepted worldwide, is accepted in as many 80 countries.
More Demand
Employers are looking for skilled workers. The PMP(r), which certifies that you have the skills to do so, is a must-have certification. It is a standard of quality and demonstrates how competent you are in your chosen field.
Evidence of dedication
A PMP(r), certification is a sign that you are willing and able to go the extra mile in pursuit of your passion and dream.
This certification is not easy. However, it is a testament to the dedication of those who have achieved it. This certification means that you have been through a lot of hard work and challenges and are now ready to go back.
This also means that you have sacrificed your time to become a better manager. These skills will last a lifetime.
Companies and firms are looking for this level of dedication in their workplace. Your certification will make a great first impression and set the tone.
Boost over Others
The PMP(r), certification is more than a show. It will place you on a pedestal, and make you stand out from others in the field.
It will also allow you to climb higher and secure your position.
Why is the PMP(r), Certification Pass Rate so Low
The pass rate for the PMP(r), certification exam is a common complaint. It has fallen in recent years, and there are many reasons why.
Different sources put the pass rate at different levels. After extensive research, however, we discovered that the average passing percentage has fallen to 68% in 14 years.
This means that less than half of the people who sit for an exam at a given moment end up passing it.
This is a scary statistic that gives you an idea of the difficulty of the PMP(r), and how hard one must work to obtain this certification.
Let’s now look at the reasons. Why is the passing rate so low, exactly?
Exam Difficulty
A PMP(r), which is a difficult exam, requires hours of hard work. The pass rates are lower. It is also difficult to complete 200 MCQs in less than 4 hours. The