Imagine the COVID-19 epidemic in the 70s. Back then, there was no internet, no cloud server, and no virtual network. We are blessed to live in the 21st Century, where technology has allowed us to continue our daily lives to a great degree.
The new norm of lockdown has made it so that the lives of business entrepreneurs and the working population are dominated by video conferences, virtual group meetings, interviews, and most importantly, virtual training to upskill the workforce. It is amazing to see how companies adapt and scale various technologies to maintain their products and services. It also shows how businesses are preparing for the post-COVID return and how they will overcome the current situation.
Incredible Innovations – How Rapid Transformation Scales New Opportunities?
Microsoft started the first quarter 2020 with a focus on the future and automation. Businesses are rapidly changing by adopting the future of mobility, automation using IoT edge, Cloud, AI, and Cloud. Faurecia Electronics, LG Electronics, ZF, and ZF are just a few of the companies that have already implemented Microsoft Azurecloud and AI services to automate business processes. This has significantly reduced their expenditures.
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, shared his thoughts on how the company helps retail businesses with online tools, intelligent methods of understanding customers better and developing a smarter supply chains via co-innovation.
Companies like Ikea are just a few of the many that have successfully implementedMicrosoft Teamstrainingto upskill over 70,000 employees and double their productivity.
After utilizing Azure IoT, H&M is now able offer cutting-edge garment recycling bins at some of its global locations. The company has secured a sustainable future in the fashion industry by doing this.
Canada Goose, a leading manufacturer of luxury performance apparel, developed the concept for the endless aisle usingDynamics365. It allowed the company to show its customers the entire product line without having to stock any physical stock.
Not just this, the multinational conglomerateSamsungalso announced its new android to be launched with the push-to-talk facility that will also leverage the latest feature of Walkie Talkie available inMicrosoft Teams. This functionality will allow retail employees, as well as other professionals, to communicate on the job.
NetCom Learning, Microsoft’s gold-certified training partner, has supported Starbucks with Teams and Azure training during COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Pandemic – How can the world fight back?
It is undoubtedly a major achievement in innovation and workforce upskilling, which has enabled the world to respond to the global pandemic by using technology as its greatest shield.
Empowering the Healthcare Industry
The healthcare industry uses technology to improve their medical aid processes and manage large numbers of patients. A COVID-19 assessment bot built on Microsoft’s Healthcare Bot service on Azure is one of the latest launches. TheU.S. After training its employees in AI-based innovation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now able support hospitals in:
Screening patients for possible infection
Provide guidance as needed on care options
Reduce the workload for medical professionals.
Telemedicine companies are also adapting to the latest technologies. This allows health care centers to continue to offer their hassle-free treatment options. Check out our case study to see how we helped Optum, a leading healthcare provider, move 40,000 servers to Microsoft Azure cloud through our Microsoft Azure training for their large workforce.
Enhancing the Educational Sector
Schools and universities are deploying Microsoft Teams skill-development plans to enable virtual learning. Students can also continue their classes remotely from their classrooms. The University of Bologna, for example, migrated nearly 90% of its courses online to Teams in just three days. AI plays a vital role in creating a safe and convenient distance-learning culture. The University of Sydney developed an AI-based bot using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. It gives students instant access to all COVID-19-related answers and information resources.
Advancement of the Defense System
The sudden emergence of COVID has caused the U.S. The Department of Defense (DoD), announced that most of its employees would be working remotely immediately. This is done via Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, which creates a CVR (Commercial Virtual Remote Environment) to allow secure teleworking across the entire department.
Time to upskill – What and how to get started