Today, I want to take a look at the amazing world of project failure. Are you interested in joining the fun?
Please, no boring and long sentences
A project management plan should be long enough to be understood by everyone. This should be done with all of your project documentation.
You can keep track of your P/S ratio by keeping a log. That’s the number of pages of project documentation each staff member has.
The highest score wins!
These aren’t the processes you’re looking for
Make sure that processes are as clear as possible. To ensure that everyone is aware of who they are not trusting, make sure to include “quality checks” wherever possible. If you can imagine the slightest deviation from the process, re-engineer it to suit that rare scenario.
It will be loved by everyone.
Change is hard
You can reduce the time and effort required to manage change. This will most likely lead to necessary changes being made, and the process is already in full swing. ?The change will be rejected, and a new request for change will be submitted to undo the work that has been done.
Comedy gold.
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