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You are looking for the best online PRINCE2(r). This article will discuss what you should look for in an online training provider, and how to choose the best PRINCE2 (r) certification course.

What to look out for in an online PRINCE2 (r) course
1. Delivery mechanism
2. Content
3. Time zone
4. Background and credibility of the company
5. Accreditation
6. Student reviews
7. Exam Simulator
8. Guarantee
9. Price
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TL;DR – Management Plaza is my favorite online training provider for PRINCE2(r). It is led by Frank Turley, an expert trainer. They offer affordable training, including an exam voucher. Learn more about their courses.
What to look out for in an online PRINCE2 (r) course
These are the criteria I use when grading online training:
Delivery mechanism
Time zone (for live classes)
Background and credibility of the company
Student reviews
Exam simulator
These are my most important features, but you might find other things more important.
1. Delivery mechanism
Is the course offered live or can it be self-study? Or a combination of both? Although the majority of the material is prerecorded, some classes allow you to chat/email/live call with trainers.
There is no one right answer. You can choose what works best for you, regardless of whether you prefer the interaction and schedule of a live class, or the freedom to work at your own pace.
Both have been a part of my life over the years. There are pros and cons to each. I prefer to be able to view videos in order to speed up project management training. Subtitles are also a plus.
2. Content
The course content must be:
Fully aligned to the latest edition of Managing Successful Projects using PRINCE2(r), (the manual).
Short lessons
You will find a variety of supporting materials, such as. Quizzes, games, flashcards, handouts, cheat sheets and printable cheat sheets available.

This is crucial because studying can be difficult enough. Your life will be easier if you have good learning materials that are designed to help.
Bonus: Ask your provider if they will allow you to access some of their course material free of charge. This will give you an idea about the content’s quality.
3. Time zone
Online courses with recorded video are available for anyone, no matter where they are located.
If you plan to join an online class, it is important to know what time zone they are in. If you don’t, you might find yourself staying up late or joining calls too early, which could be detrimental to your energy levels.
However, it may be beneficial to attend a class in a different time zone than your normal work hours. If you can fit the training into your evenings and early mornings, you may be able take less time off of work.
You can choose to do it online or offline, but you will be exhausted.
4. Background and credibility of the company
Take a look at the company. Is this someone who set up an Udemy account yesterday and posted a video training? Are they PRINCE2(r), trainers?
How long has the company existed? You should have faith that the training provider will be there to support you, and that they have sufficient expertise to provide you with a quality training experience.
5. Accreditation
AXELOS, the PRINCE2(r), accreditation body, is an official AXELOS. AXELOS is an accreditation body.
6. Student reviews
It is important to read student reviews and get a feel for whether or not they were created and paid for by bots.
Yes, there are companies that fake reviews.
Management Plaza has a PRINCE2r study group on Facebook that I like. Frank is also very active in the group with his team. You get a lot out of it.