You will always be able to pass an exam if you prepare correctly. To pass the exam, you will need the right resources and a master plan. The ArcGIS Desktop Entry exam (19-001) measures the candidate’s ability to apply ArcGIS concepts and workflows. It is important to continue your education, especially when you are being excluded from the industry because of incompetence or lack thereof.
The credential that includes performance-based items can prove professionals can think on their own to perform critical IT support tasks at the moment. It can be a huge boost to your career. Let’s get started to learn more about the ArcGIS Desktop entry exam.
What is the ArcGIS Desktop Entry 19-01 exam?
The ArcGIS Desktop Entry exam (19-001) measures the candidate’s ability to apply ArcGIS concepts and workflows to their work. Candidates who are qualified should be able to comprehend basic ArcGIS concepts and have an understanding of the ArcGIS platform at an entry level. Candidates must be able to perform basic mapping and visualization tasks, as well as editing and file geodatabase management tasks. Candidates should have less than two years of experience and be familiar with the best practices and uses for Esri’s ArcGIS technologies.
Now that we know what certification is, we can move on to the next step, which will be gathering basic information about the exam.
Exam Overview
The Esri ArcGIS Desktop Entry 19-001 Exam has 80 multiple choice questions. It can be completed in one hour and 45 minutes. This exam is available in English and is highly regarded.
Exam Name – ArcGIS Desktop entry
Also, Exam Code – EADE19-001
Exam Duration – 1 Hour 45 Mins
Exam Format – Multiple Choice was then added.
Number of Questions – 80 Questions
Exam Fee – $250 USD
Exam Language – English
Prerequisite for ArcGIS Desktop entry 19-001 Exam
Esri has established some prerequisites for the exam. These are the prerequisites for the exam:
First, you should have less that two years of experience in the field.
Second, you should be familiar with the best practices and uses Esri’s ArcGIS platform
The next step is to review the course outline for the exam. Let’s move on to the next step.
Exam Syllabus
The ArcGIS Desktop entry 19-001 exam will assess you on the following criteria:
ArcGIS Fundamentals 14%
Define the purpose and use of the ArcGIS platform components
Demonstrate your ability to use ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online Map Viewer and ArcGIS Enterprise.
Choose the appropriate ArcGIS platform apps for a particular workflow or use-case
Data Management 31%
How to access data properties
Recall also the purpose of item details, item description, and metadata
Identify the right procedures to create a geodatabase file and a feature class with default settings
Also, Identify supported ArcGIS platform Data formats
Recognize the various data management techniques in ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise
Also, depending on the situation, choose the best method to manage tabular information
Identify the basic editing workflows needed to create or modify features
Recognize the purpose of projected and geographic coordinate systems.
Mapping & Visualization 29%
Recall how to modify and apply layer symbology
Also, consider the situation and determine the best way to modify layer properties
Also, identify the steps required to label features
Identify the effects and use of scale on a map
Also, identify the steps required to add data
Configure map elements and properties based on a given scenario
Use the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Certification Study Guide to help you prepare!
10% Sharing Data across the Platform
Remember how to find content from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterp?