Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced last week a software development tool (SDK builder tool) that allows users to specify the configuration of AWS SDK JavaScript in their browser to meet their needs and reduce download sizes.
Aditya Manohar, exec, stated in a blog post that the SDK builder allows users to customize and download AWS SDK JavaScript in the browser. You can now support only the service clients that you use, which reduces browser distribution of the AWS SDK JavaScript and improves your Web applications’ efficiency.
Customers can choose the core SDK version upon which to build their customized package. The customer can then choose from 65 available services. There are 16 default services available, including CloudWatch and EC2, and users can choose from the rest, such CloudTrail or Glacier.
All default services support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, which allows client-side cross-origin request. This is normally prohibited in JavaScript Web applications as a security precaution against cross-site Scripting attacks. Manohar stated that if you use the AWS SDK JavaScript in an environment which doesn’t enforce CORS standards (for example, Google Chrome extensions or Windows Store Applications), you can include support to all AWS services.
You can also customize the API version of the service client before you select a bundle type (minified or development) and create your SDK package.
The tool supports all modern browsers, Manohar stated. He hopes that the tool “makes it easier to optimize your JavaScript footprint.” We want to hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment, tweet about it @awsforjs, or report an issue at”