This 52-video video training teaches SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan the knowledge cloud administrators need in Python to automate AWS administration and management tasks. This saves time and ensures duplication of results.
This AWS and Python training is available: AWS Cloud Automation with Python
Python is an extremely easy language to learn. This AWS Cloud Automation with Python Training will show you how to bring it to AWS and save time in cloud administration.
This 10-part series covers topics like the basics of Python and how to apply them, writing Python scripts to automate cloud administration tasks, and using different Python libraries for automation.
You can watch a video from the series here:

These are the 10 skills in this series:
Boto3: Getting Started With the AWS SDK For Python
Install AWS CloudFormation stacks with Python or Boto3
Amazon DynamoDB Management with Python and Boto3
Create Python-based AWS Lambda Functions using Containers
Amazon DocumentDB Management with Python and Boto3
With Python, you can query data in Amazon DynamoDB tables with Python
Amazon S3 Storage Management with Python and Boto3
Integrate Python scripts into AWS Systems Manager Automation runbooks
Boto3 and Python: Managing Amazon Timestream Databases
Automate Docker Engine using Python and Dockerpy

This training covers the following topics:
Introduction to AWS Lambda containers with Python
Connect to the Docker Engine using Python
Create an Amazon DynamoDB Table using Python
Docker and Python allow you to pull container images
Telegraf Agent allows you to import data into Amazon Timestream

This training includes:
Training for 8 hours
52 videos

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