This 22-video entry-level training by SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan teaches you how to harness PowerShell’s potential to build your own applications, automate redundant tasks, and pull data from your network.
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If you don’t already know PowerShell, chances are you’ve heard of it. There are few tools in IT that are as powerful and ubiquitous as PowerShell. Many sysadmins are familiar with PowerShell commands that can automate redundant tasks or access user information. PowerShell’s strength lies in the creation of custom applications that do this work for you.
This PowerShell Training will teach you how to create programs that automate business-critical tasks on all Windows PCs in your organization’s large area networks.
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Start trainingThe two-part series covers topics like learning the lightweight cmdlets (commands that are used in PowerShell environments), retrieving and using child objects from containers, and scripting cmdlets for automating, scaling management and access information.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
PowerShell Development: Configure Visual Studio Code
PowerShell allows you to create Terminal UIs

This training covers the following topics:
Configure PowerShell Extension
PowerShell TUIs: A robust event loop
Visual Studio Code: Why?
Interactive PowerShell Debugging with VSCode
Install Visual Studio Code and PowerShell Extension

This training includes:
2 hours of training
22 videos

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