Qatar Hybrid Cloud & Data Center Summit 2020
Microsoft sponsored the event. I will be speaking there.
Drive Business Innovation, Reduce Costs, Improve Productivity, and Increase Productivity. The key to business success and continuity is preparing IT leaders for the Next Normal. I&O leaders have been able to adapt quickly to remote workforces and financial pressures while maintaining core systems operational and resilient. Cloud Computing, which is essential, has saved many lives and allowed people to work remotely.
The IT leaders are eager to hear from you about how you can best prepare for the next normal. The conference agenda will address how to make your business more profitable with a cloud-based system and how it can help you attract more revenue streams. You will be able to find the answers you seek with objective coverage of the most current topics. It will help your business be innovative, secure, and agile in cloud computing technology. It will help you get to the top.
When: March 22-23
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