The digital age is rapidly changing the world. Everyday life is flooded with apps and websites. It is likely that almost everything you use in your day is a software application. Who makes these apps? What are Full-Stack developers?
Web developers create and maintain the websites and apps that we use every day.
Back-end developers
Full-stack developers
Before we move on to full-stack, let’s first learn what front-end and rear-end developers do. Websites have many elements: the appearance, layout, server-side technology, etc. Front-end developers are responsible for the website’s visual aspects and overall user experience.
Back-end developers are responsible for maintaining the technology that allows the website to function.
Full-stack development is a combination of front-end and backend development.
Full-stack web developers are experts in both front-end and backend web development. Full-stack developers have a more complex role than other developers because it requires both the knowledge and expertise of both ends.
Full-stack developers are able to build websites and web apps on their own. They are proficient in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JavaScript. These languages are used on the front-end for web development. They are also proficient in languages like Ruby and Python, which are used in back-end web design.
How to Become a Full Stack Developer
Full-stack web developers are highly sought after. Many small businesses hire them to manage the entire process of web development. Learn the programming languages and other technical skills.
You can choose to go the traditional route and get a college degree or you can take self-learning courses or online training courses.
You can become familiar with all the most popular technologies and master one of them.
After obtaining a degree or certification and mastering tech, you can earn a mastery certificate.