Shortlist of the Best Communication Tools
Here are 10 of the most effective communication tools for 2022.
JUMP TO REVIEWS The best communication tool for project management

ClickUp Centralize the communications of your team and allow them to collaborate via comments, documents, and dashboards.

TeamGantt The best external communication tool

ProWorkflow Best for project communication integration and email management

Teamwork is the best marketing communication tool

Nutcache Best for internal communications

Pastel Best communication tool to website and UX design

Social media is the best communication tool for teams

Hive Best communication tool, email integration

Ryver The best communication tool for remote teams

There are many communication tools available on the market.
A 2017 market research report estimated that the collaboration software market was worth more than 8 billion dollars in 2017. This market has a projected CAGR exceeding 9% between 2018 and 2025. There are more than 32.5 Million small businesses in the United States (as of December 20,21), so there is no shortage of people searching for the right tool to help them grow their business.
Below is a list of the top communication tools that can help your team communicate better. It includes screenshots, overviews and pricing.
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Overview of the Best Communication Tools
The best communication tool for project management allows users link messages to tasks and mention users in comments. This makes it an intuitive platform that teams can use to track and communicate with each other, collaborate across teams, and bring their tools together under one roof. It’s easy-to-use design and flexible features make it easy for teams to get started.
Teams can communicate easily by noting one another in updates. They can also host conversations about specific projects or tasks. Google Drive and Dropbox integrations make sharing files easy. Zoom and Slack integrations make it easy to continue the conversation on other platforms. is a central location for teams to track their projects, manage time and create and share reports. Teams can also send messages and understand their workflows. offers over 40 integrations, including Google Calendar and Jira as well as Trello, Zendesk and Typeform. allows teams communicate and collaborate from anywhere, ensuring transparency and real time updates. starts at $6/user/month, and comes with a 14-day free trial. They offer a free plan that can be used by up to two users.
14-day free trial
Starting at $6/user/month

2 ClickUp
Centralize the communications of your team and allow them to collaborate via comments, documents, and dashboards.
ClickUp provides a chat view to help your team communicate on projects. ClickUp is replacing Slack with tools like Slack. Chat view, task activity logs, task comments, whiteboards, and task comments will convince you that ClickUp is a great communication tool.
ClickUp makes it easy to communicate with your team. I can use the @name command to make general suggestions or involve another person when I am assigned to a task. Attachments allow me to direct their attention towards a particular document or task within the project.
You would like to have a general chat in which the team can share a joke, link to a funny clip, or have other team-building conversations? Add #chat to your project.
Tip: Type ‘/’ in a Comment to be prompted to show all options that you have to communicate better.
ClickUp offers native integrations to Slack, G Suite and Dropbox as well as over 1000+ integrations through Zapier.