SPOTO trainer Garth Schulte recently completed the Installation, Storage, & Compute with Windows Server 2016 exam 70-740 to help learners get up-to-speed on the latest version. He’s eager to share his love for Server 2016 with you!
This webinar features Garth discussing his favorite new features, enhancements and categories in Server 2016. Learners like you can also ask questions. You want to learn Windows Server 2016? Get started here! Once you feel confident, you can check out our Windows Server 2016 training courses to further your skills.
Here are some highlights and timestamps.
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Start training1:13 – Nano Servers
Containers – 2:24
3:39 – Storage Goodness
5:51 – The Best Enhancements to Server 2016
Here are some more resources to get you excited for Server 2016.
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About the Presenter
Garth Schulte, a SPOTO trainer, has been with us since 2002. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCSD) and MCSA. He is also a Google Developer Expert, Authorized Trainer.
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