To protect your infrastructure, you need to build a workforce
Data breaches are increasing at alarming rates. It’s not a matter of whether or not a breach will occur, but when. Cybersecurity is no longer an IT-only problem. It’s now an organizational problem that requires C-suite leaders to work with IT professionals to create a resilient workforce, implement new security strategies, and build a resilient workforce.
Our wide range of product-specific cybersecurity training courses and industry-recognized certification preparation courses will help you detect and contain system vulnerabilities. You will learn key skills such as security awareness and web security development. We have the training you need for managing critical infrastructure risks, from the C-suite to your mailroom.

Develop superior cybersecurity skills
Many organizations place cybersecurity as a top priority, whether they are looking to hire diversely skilled employees or train their staff to become cybersecurity professionals. We cover everything, from foundational and awareness training to highly sought-after skills like forensics analysis, cybercrime detection, cybersecurity, firewalls, VPNs, governance and risk management, compliance, security architecture, secure programming, and many more.
Continue building a cyber security culture
It is vital that all employees have a cyber-secure culture in order to manage policy. It is not only the Cyber Security team’s job to enforce and follow these policies. DEVSECOPS foundation
Master specific skills in cybersecurity products
It is essential to have highly-trained staff to monitor and operate your security systems once you have acquired foundational cybersecurity skills. The NHDoD offers a wide range of training on top-recognized products such as Cisco and IBM, Palo Alto Networks and ISACA.
These courses are updated or newly released to teach you the most recent cybersecurity technologies
These courses are updated or recently released to keep you up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity products and technologies. Learn about the latest technologies and how they can help you maintain strong cybersecurity policies, defenses, and strategies.
Learn from the best cybersecurity certifications and skills development agencies
Professional cybersecurity organizations like EC Council, (ISC)2 and CompTIA provide vendor-neutral, certification-focused training curriculums aimed at building highly qualified cybersecurity professionals ready to meet today’s cybersecurity challenges.
With confidence, you can achieve your cybersecurity certification goals
You can validate your cybersecurity skills by completing top-of-the-line certification preparation training. From vendor-neutral certifications to product-specific certificates from CompTIA, (ISC),2, and EC-Council, to Cisco, PALO ALTO or ISACA, we can help you start your cybersecurity career, expand your cybersecurity knowledge, or meet continuing education needs. You can count on us for help in reaching your cybersecurity certification goals with our unique combination of delivery methods, valuable resources, support, and guidance.
DevSecOps FoundationEC–COUNCIL
Security+CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst+CASP+ CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (ISC)2
CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security ProfessionalCCSP- Certified Cloud Security ProfessionalSSCP- Certified Security Certified PractitionerCAP- Certified Authorization ProfessionalPALO NETWORKS
Palo Alto Networks Firewall Essentials: Configuration & Management EDU210 (10.0).Palo Alto Networks(r), – Firewall 9.1 – Optimizing Firewall Threat Prevention EDU-214.Palo Alto Networks (r) : Firewall Troubleshooting EDU330 (v10.0).CHECKPOINT
CCSA – Check Point Certified Security Agent R80.20ISACA
CISM – Certified Information Security ManagerCRISC- Certified in Risk and Information Systems ControlCISA- Certified Information Systems AuditorCYBERSEC FIRST REPONDER
CyberSec First Responseer: Threat Detection and ResponseCISCO
Cyber Security Professional (NCSP) FoundationCyber Security Professional (NCSP) PractitionerCERTNEXUS
CyberSAFE First Responder (Securing Assets for End Users)CyberSec Second Responder: Threat Detection & Response
Framework for Risk Management Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).