Today, DevOps is more than a buzzword. It is a culture. The demand for DevOps professionals who can develop and deploy applications quickly is expected to increase.
Despite the fact that the field is constantly evolving, it is not easy for DevOps professionals and employees to prove their expertise. A DevOps certification gives potential job candidates and employees the opportunity to validate and prove their skills. This gives them an edge over other candidates for the same position.
We have compiled a list of the most sought-after DevOps certifications. These DevOps certifications will help you increase your chances of getting promotions, bonuses, or pay bumps. Let’s not waste any time, let’s get started.
DevOps Certification is a great idea!
DevOps certification can be used to not only secure a new job but also to advance an existing one. IT certifications are thought to play an important role in the hiring process. They are also reliable predictors of future employee success.
A DevOps certification is a great way to get better job opportunities if you’re looking to move into a new role. Let’s take a look at the benefits of DevOps certification.
DevOps is a great way to improve your skills and knowledge. The DevOps certification will help you improve your current capabilities.
Candidates can validate and show their skills by becoming experts in DevOps. It gives them a competitive edge and opens up opportunities.
DevOps roles are consistently ranked amongst the highest-paid in the industry, particularly those that are related to cloud computing. In-demand certification will increase your chances of holding such positions and also help you to get big salaries.
Top DevOps Certifications 2020
DevOps is more than a tool. It is a practice that uses other tools and technology. There is no single certification that covers it all. DevOps practitioners can benefit from a variety of certifications based on industry trends and market needs.
We have listed the top DevOps certifications for your convenience. This will help you to build your resume and gain relevant skills and credentials that will help make you a DevOps engineer professional.
Docker Certified Associate
The Docker Certified Associate (DCA), is for Docker practitioners with relevant experience working with Docker. DevOps tool to validate skillset using real-world problems created by Docker practitioners.
Basic Details
Prerequisite: Minimum 6 months experience as a Docker Practitioner
Exam Fee: USD195
Duration: 90 minutes
Question Type: 55 MCQs
Course outline
First, Orchestration
Security is the second.
Then, it’s time to network
Installation and configuration follow.
Also, Image creation
Management is also available
Then, Registry
Storage is another important aspect.
Further, Volumes
Kubernetes Certification
Kubernetes is an open-source container management software. It is a collaboration between the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation. This collaboration automates the process of managing multi-container apps at scale. It is a powerful DevOps tool that allows the DevOps team keep up with the requirements of software development. This makes it a major player in the world DevOps certifications.
There are two options for certification: Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA), and Certified Kubernetes App Developer (CKAD).
CKA Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
The CKA program assesses the skills, knowledge and proficiency that a Kubernetes administrator should have. The online exam is performance-based and requires candidates to solve a set of problems in 3 hours. This program requires users to demonstrate their ability in a command-line, hands-on environment. CKA also aims to ensure that CKAs have all the skills and knowledge necessary to assume the responsibilities of Kubernetes administrators.
Basic Details
Exam Fee: $300
Duration: 3 hours
Question Type: Problem Solving
Course outline
Application Lifecycle Management 8%
Installation, Configuration & Validation 12%
Core Concepts 19%
Networking 11%
Scheduling 5%
Security 12%
Cluster Maintenance 11%
Logging / Monitoring 5%
Storage 7%
Troubleshooting 10%
CKAD Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)
The CKAD certification is for professionals who are involved in core Kubernetes practices. Candidates are evaluated on their ability to design, build, expose, and configure native cloud applications for Kubernetes. Candidates taking the CKAD exam should also be familiar with OCI-Compliant Container Runtime and application techniques for Cloud native application concepts.
Basic Details
Prerequisites: Knowledge of the Kubernetes environment and application expertise.
Exam Fee: USD 300
Duration: 2 hours
Question Type: Problem Solving
Course outline
Core Concepts: 13%
Configuration: 18%
Multi-Container Pods:10%
Pod Design-20%
Services & Networking:13%
State Persistence: 8%
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Examination
AWS offers several certifications to professionals who want to fulfill various roles and responsibilities within the AWS cloud. The AWS DevOps engineer Professional certification exam assesses technical skills and knowledge of candidates to manage distributed systems and applications.