To be a leader in the cloud employment market, you must have the highest cloud certification. The certification will also show the company that your abilities and knowledge are necessary for the job.
Cloud computing was one the fastest-growing business in 2019, and it’s expected to break new records in 2020. It also uses the most current cloud services to cover every aspect IT. In 2020, cloud computing will be a popular choice for industry leaders and organizations. They also use cloud technology to run their businesses and organizations. This allows them to provide excellent customer service and increase their overall profit margins.
The main question is how to choose the right certifications for cloud computing careers. This article will discuss the top cloud certifications that will help you kick-start your career in this area. Let’s start by examining the top certification vendors in the market.
Top Certification Vendors 2020
Cloud computing is a rapidly growing industry that delivers many benefits to leading corporations and organizations worldwide. It simplifies and increases efficiency in complex IT processes. Cloud computing is now more important than ever, even at 2020’s start. This includes the top cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform. Next, we will look at these top cloud vendors and then move on to the certifications to gain more clarity.
1. Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Organizations are looking for people with cloud knowledge and skills to help them transform their businesses. AWS Certification is for you, whether you’re a beginner or an expert in IT. It assesses your cloud skills to help you identify companies and individuals who are in demand to build AWS teams. They also offer certification tests that are organized by expertise and function to help individuals and teams reach their goals. To get a better understanding, let’s take a look at some of AWS’s benefits.
AWS Advantages:
First, cloud computing is a key component of almost everything in the technology industry. AWS also offers everything, from hosting a website to managing a data center.
AWS certification is a second proof of your ability to handle complex challenges in AWS.
AWS certification on your resume is a third benefit. This will make you more attractive to an employer for whom you are applying. Certified candidates also have more value than those who are not certified.
AWS is fourthly recognized worldwide as the best certification for salary. AWS certification can help you increase your salary.
AWS-certified professionals can also become AWS Partner Network members, which offers many benefits, including discounts on training and AWS usage support.
2. Google Cloud Certification
GCP assesses your ability to transform businesses using Google Cloud technology. Google Cloud Platform is a collection of cloud computing services that run on the same infrastructure as Google products like YouTube, Google search engine, and YouTube. GCP also offers tools and services to help manage infrastructures, provision servers, and configure networks. It also offers a range of cloud services such as computing, application design, machine learning, data analysis, and data storage. It is accessible over dedicated or public networks by cloud administrators, developers, and other IT professionals.
Let’s now understand why you should apply for GCP certifications.
GCP’s Advantages:
GCP is highly scalable because it allows for easy up- and downscaling.
Google offers GCP services at a much lower price than its competitors. This includes four key factors such as sub-hour billing and sustained use discount, custom type of machine, and preemptible cases.
It also offers integrated services. This allows you to use multiple APIs, AI, ML, IoT and Compute engine, Big Data analytics, Databases, Security, and Storage simultaneously.
GCP allows for quick collaboration between all users. Multiple users can access and edit the same project at the same time.
3. Microsoft Azure certification exams
Microsoft exams can help you validate your skills and expertise. Microsoft Azure certifications can also increase a candidate’s chances to land a job in cloud computing. A Microsoft Azure certification is a great way to start your cloud career. This certification will help you gain the skills and knowledge that will make your marketable. You will also be able to earn high-income salaries in the sector because you have many opportunities to explore. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits offered by Microsoft Azure Certifications.
Microsoft Azure Certification Advantages:
Cloud computing is expected to grow to $300 billion by 2021 worldwide. Azure offers data that can be used to improve skills and knowledge in cloud computing.
Second, Azure has maintained a strong position in the industry compared to its competitors. Individuals are increasingly interested in Microsoft Azure.
Third, Cloud technologies such as Azure are developing at a rapid pace, exceeding the average rate for growth in the IT sector.
Fourth, Microsoft Azure is easy-to-adapt and learn. You will have to deal with impo