The challenge of bringing not only data analytics, but data science bootcamp solutions, to the military has not gone unnoticed and some DoD agencies are already planning to tackle this exact problem. Strategic deployment of resources and rapid response to actionable intelligence are critical when your mission is national defense. That means having command of your data.
The Importance of Data Science for Military Readiness
According to Federal Computer Week, the U.S. military can reach its modernization goals by leveraging cutting-edge data analytics, which provide greater visibility of everything from skill specialties of personnel to equipment inventory. Arming senior leaders with these tools gives them access to a myriad of critical data points within seconds, enabling them to make informed decisions about the mission preparedness of our military troops.
Monitoring Soldier Health
Soldier health should be closely monitored, as it is a tremendous factor in overall military readiness. Unfortunately, defense leaders don’t have the time or resources to sift through inaccurate data only to find that half of their proposed troops can’t deploy because of medical conditions.
This is where data analytics can remedy notorious challenges. Through the use of data analytics, ranking military leaders can achieve full visibility of a soldier’s medical status within seconds. Not only does this improve readiness by assuring that troops are fully able to deploy, it also helps non-deployable soldiers recognize that they need to seek medical attention in order to obtain mission-ready status.
Success of Special-Training Missions
Staffing a specialized unit to finding a soldier with a highly unique set of skills, data analytics seamlessly enables military leaders to uncover top talent for any mission, regardless of specificity. With the click of a button, military leaders are able to narrow their personnel search from tens of thousands to a select few. As a result, they can improve their accuracy and efficiency when making critical staffing decisions.
For example, if there is a mission that requires a soldier who speaks Farsi, data analytics can help military leaders seamlessly narrow down the available options in their talent search by only displaying soldiers who can speak the language. If another objective requires that same soldier to have a specific weapon specialty, it will further refine the results and show only the soldiers who meet both the language and weapon requirements. Utilizing data analytics for these types of scenarios will help military branches across the DOD enhance their readiness and ultimately achieve greater mission success.
Why Data Science Bootcamps and Training?
Across military branches, data analytics helps the military win on a multi-domain battlefield. The United States Army’s use of data analytics helps better manage training exercises, prioritizes science and technology initiatives, and identifies ways to reduce the logistics demands of the Army’s Brigade Combat Teams. Through governance, visualization, and a growing community of practitioners, Tableau’s platform allows the United States Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center to better understand the cost of mission infrastructure.
Armed with Tableau’s powerful, intuitive analytics platform, defense intelligence personnel can swiftly capture key readiness metrics, dig into costs, highlight deficiencies, and perform tactical, repeatable analysis. A robust data analytics infrastructure also serves to inform and improve mission-essential tasks like crisis planning, supply chain measurement, troop levels, and equipment maintenance.
When you bring NHDoD bootcamp training to your base, you offer students the ability to take the class as a unit with their peers in a concentrated time frame. Adherence to the data science certification paths guarantees that your team gets the training necessary to become certified in this exciting path from NHDoD.

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The problem of certifying a large group or even a small team can be making sure everyone is trained and certified. With the multiple paths in the following courses and electives it can get confusing. Reach out to a NHDoD training expert to request a quote for a data science bootcamp.
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