White Paper Abstract Cybersecurity is an essential business operation more than ever before. Without end users improving their knowledge and behavior, any technology an organization deploys will be insufficient. Users will be more likely to understand risk and consequences and help support cybersecurity. Security experts want you to be aware of these concepts. Here are 10 things cybersecurity experts would like end users to know. Sample: Software Updates Must Be Installed Promptly. Security is not always a given. This does not necessarily mean that older software is more secure. Security experts advise end users to be aware that software updates should not be installed blindly, but should be done promptly. A vendor releasing an update does not necessarily mean that you should immediately install it. The code you are adding to your system may be incorrect or cause unexpected results that the vendor didn’t anticipate. Installing new updates should not be done without testing them and learning from others. Next, complete all major tasks to ensure that changes to the lab system do not cause problems. Next, read any feedback, reviews, or comments that others have about the update. Once you have confirmed that the update is safe and appropriate, back up your target systems. If the worst happens, such as the update fails or corrupts your system, you can restore your environment to its original state using a system backup. This is called rollback. Software updates should always be installed quickly. Don’t delay testing. The most secure version of the product will be the one that uses the most current and complete code. Flaws that are not updated or skipped can remain in your environment and be exploited by attackers. Download

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