Do you have a personal lab you want to share with others or are you just starting to make one? Are you looking to create a new lab? NetSim 12 allows you to upload and view items to your NetSim Community. This is a database that contains custom labs, lab packs and topolgies that anyone can access and contribute to. Below is how to download and upload items to the NetSim Community.
To download:

Click the “Community Tab” on the Home Page.

Select the content that you wish to download, and then click the Download button.

You can search for other creators’ work by specific topics, rate them on a scale from 1 to 5, sort by the most recent, highest rated or highest average review, or filter by content type. You can find additional study material in the NetSim Community quickly and easily, as users keep adding new files to the database.

To upload:

Create your content first using NetSim’s Lab Compiler, or Network Designer.

Navigate to the Compiler/Designer menus and locate the Share option.

To help fellow NetSim users identify the lab, write a simple title and description and click share. Your lab will be made available to everyone using NetSim 12 once it has been approved by a moderator. It’s that simple!

You now know the basics of NetSim Community, so what are you waiting to do? Get a free trial of NetSim 12 here.