Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security), validates your basic skills and knowledge to protect Cisco networks. The CCNA security certification validates your ability to build security infrastructures, find threats, and identify network vulnerabilities. It also means you can develop strategies to reduce security threats to networks.
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CCNA security certified engineers have the core responsibility to install, troubleshoot, and monitor devices in a network to maintain integrity security confidentiality using technology.
Roles and Responsibilities for CCNA Security certified engineers
Secure router configuration, deployment and support
Support for network security
Network security monitoring
Network security analysis
Recommendation for network upgrades
Recommendation for network improvements
How to get CCNA Security Certification
These are the prerequisites for certification. These are listed below. To become CCNA security certified, you must pass an exam offered by Cisco.
Benefits of CCNA Certification
Most demanded IT certifications in the world
There are many great career opportunities ahead
Comparable to other salary packages, good
Society receives special recognition
Prerequisite for CCNA security:
You should hold CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching (CCNA R&S), CCIE certification (or any other certification).
To Pass CCNA Security Certification, you must pass the following exams:
210 – 265 IINS
Validation of CCNA Security Certificate:
Your certification will remain valid for three years
Exam 210 – 261 IINS allows learners the ability to grasp the fundamentals of security concepts and deploy techniques to save networks. This exam focuses on security techniques and technologies using Cisco security products. You can get hands-on experience.
Security Certification required by CCNA
Every small, medium, and large enterprise is concerned about personal data, network security, threats to data, and prefers certified professionals. Every level of a company needs CCNA security certified professionals. Only you can be a Cisco network security expert if you have a solid understanding of the security principles, techniques, and technologies that are used to keep it safe.
India CCNA Security Certification: Career Opportunities
Network Security engineers are in high demand, from the top of MNCs to small IT companies. You have more than 70% chance of getting hired if you are Cisco certified. This is because Cisco devices are still widely used in organizations all over the globe. With a salary package of average 3,50,000 INR, you can easily get a job in India as CCNA security certified.
Career Options (Profiles).
Network security engineer
Security specialist for the network
Network support engineer
Administrator of network security
Senior network engineer
Analyst in network security
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