The APD01 Blue Prism Professional Developer exam will help you find a career in RPA. It will help you advance your career in RPA.
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and data analytics are now dominating all major industries, including the IT sector. This is enabling us to transition into a digital age. Many industry leaders agree that automation is the future of work. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which has also made its mark in IT, is another example.
Justin Watson, a global leader in robotics and intelligent automation at Deloitte, stated:
“2020 is expected to be a breakthrough year for intelligent automation. Organizations will also combine robotic process automation and artificial intelligence with other technologies to create new ways of working.
What is Blue Prism?
There are many tools on the RPA market. Blue Prism, the only tool capable of creating a virtual workforce using software robots, is one of them. This tool allows the enterprise to automate any business task and make it cost-effective and agile.
Blue Prism offers two types of exams for developers.
Blue Prism Developer
Blue Prism Developer (Exam code AD01). The AD01 certification is for entry-level and associate developers. It can be given by anyone, regardless of technical background. A developer certification proves that you are competent in working with various Blue Prism platforms. Before you can begin your blue prism professional developer certificate preparation, candidates must pass the AD01 exam.
Blue Prism Professional Developer
APD01 Blue Prism Professional Developer Exam is the other. This exam is part of the Blue Prism Accreditation Program. According to the Blue Prism portal a candidate must have passed Blue Prism Developer exam (AD01), at least six months prior to appearing for the blue prism professional developers exam.
Benefits of Blue Prism Professional Developer APD01
Every sector needs professionals, and this certification will help to get ahead of all the other aspiring programmers.
Many reports and surveys show that Blue Prism Certified Professional Developments are paid more than other employees.
This certification is not only for a job, but also to help you grow personally.
Technology is transforming and RPA is the future, so certified professionals will never be out of work.
Blue Prism Professional Developer Certification can be accepted anywhere in the world, giving the candidate an advantage if they need it to move around internationally.
There are many companies such as Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and so on. Blue Prism is used to automate their operations, which gives you a wide variety of companies to apply to.
Blue Prism Professional Developer Exam Overview
The Blue Prism Professional Developer exam is also known by the APD01 certification. Candidates who want to make a career as a Blue Prism Professional Developer are well-suited for the Blue Prism Professional Developer Exam. Candidates must first pass the Blue Prism Developer Certification Exam (AD01) in order to be eligible for this certification.
Here’s a list of skills that candidates must have.
First, prior knowledge of the wide range of Blue Prism knowledge, experiences, and skills.
Second, the candidate must be proficient in advanced exception handling and work queues.
Next candidate should be proficient at Java automation, browser automation, credentials management, and login agent.
Last but not the least, the candidate must have the ability to use web services, mainframe automation, and Surface Automation.
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