Software Shortlist
Birdview PSA is the best for optimizing and automating the entire service delivery process

Dynamics 365 Project Operations A unified solution that supports project-centric businesses

PSOHub replaces standalone tools with an all-in one solution

Connectwise Intelligent automation for small business ready to scale

Workday A PSA solution to fast-moving companies

Mavenlink by Kantata Best for resource management and team collaboration

Smartsheet Customer Onboarding is faster and project visibility is better

SuperOps Best for smart alerts and problem-solving

Planview Best offers more predictable and profitable customer engagements

Polaris Best is a management company that focuses on profitability in practice

Every professional services firm has a lot of responsibilities. There are many priorities to keep in mind, from managing projects to tracking billing hours. Many businesses end up with a variety of software tools that help them stay ahead. This can lead to confusion and problems with important matters falling through the cracks.
This elegant solution is provided by professional services automation software. These tools offer a single solution that can be used for specific professions and allow you to manage whole projects from start to finish.
This buyer’s guide will highlight the best professional services automation software. I’ll highlight the best features of each and help you choose the right tool for your company.
Comparison Criteria
What should I look for in selecting the best professional services automation platform? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI). I am looking for a tool that makes it simple to find the information you need.
Usability: I expect everyone, from senior partners to clerical staff, to find the software simple to use.
Integrations: I am looking for pre-built integrations to other software used in professional services companies
Value for $: I’m looking for tools that make economic sense both for small and large businesses
Software for Professional Services Automation
These are the core features that I look for when selecting the best PSA tools.
Project management: A way to execute projects that is compatible with the firm’s operating procedures
Time and expense tracking: Keeping track of revenue, costs, and hours worked
Integration with CRM systems for contract management to ensure that quotations and contracts are up-to-date
Resource management: Effective systems for managing costs and making best use of resources
Financial management: Taking care of your budget and overall financial health
Revenue management: Streamlining the order-to cash cycle and ensuring that income streams generate optimal revenue
Delivery management: An easy-to-use workflow engine that keeps deliverables on-track
Analytics: Customizable dashboards give executives the insight they need to make better business decisions
Management of opportunities: Managing the right resources to make the most out of new leads and inquires
Security & Compliance: strict procedures to ensure the integrity of data systems and PSA systems
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Overview of the 10 Best Professional Services Automation Software Solutions
Below is a brief description of each professional service automation solution. It also includes some notable features and screenshots that give an overview of the user interface.
1 Birdview PSA
The best way to automate and optimize the entire service delivery process
Birdview unites tea with BI reporting Birdview unifies tea